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Aircraft Painting

Aircraft Painting process

Our aircraft painting program includes the following processes, which we believe offer a superior final product.

Incoming Inspection
We perform an incoming inspection for any surface damage, unrepairable plastic, fiberglass/composite components, and any discrepancies that would affect the final outcome.

Control Surfaces
We remove all of the control surfaces for individual attention and handling. This prevents unintentional chemical remover entrance into the airframe and control surfaces.

Paint Stripping
We protect your aircraft windows, door gaps, cowling gaps, and plastic components against chemical remover using aluminum tape and aluminum masking products.  Complete removal of all paint from exterior surfaces.  This process is performed using an environmentally safe chemical remover.

Second Inspection
After paint is removed, aircraft will be inspected for any Airworthiness issues or discrepancies that were unknown and might affect the final quality.

Miscellaneous Preparation
The aircraft will be sanded as required to remove all paint and primer residue not removed by stripping.  All exterior plastic, fiberglass, and composite components are individually prepared for repainting.

Conversion Coating
Protective masking materials will be applied to sensitive areas.  Aircraft skin will be treated using an acid-etch and alodine process.  This will improve the corrosion resistance and improve the adhesion of the paint to the airframe.

Dent Repair
Repair to aircraft skin performed as specified by customer, labor up to 10 hours is included in standard refinish price.

The entire aircraft will be solvent wiped to assure a contaminant free surface before priming.  Complete airframe exterior and all individual components primed using Sherwin Williams epoxy primer and painted using Jet Glo or Acry Glo Polyurethane topcoat in your preferred base color.

Stripe Design
All trim stripes are laid out in the design of your choice. Any areas that will receive trim color are prepared to ensure good adhesion. Stripe colors are clear coated for extra durability and fade resistance.

Landing Gear
The landing gear (struts, gear doors, and wheels) will be cleaned, sanded and painted in the base color. Retractable gear will be properly greased and oiled and a retract test will be performed.

Flight Control Surfaces
Static balance checked on control surfaces by an IA Mechanic to ensure compliance with aircraft manufacturers specifications. Control surfaces will be reinstalled and checked for proper operation.

FAA required placards will be applied to aircraft using individually cut vinyl lettering.

Final Detailing
Complete detail of the exterior of aircraft will be completed. All bright work will be polished. Plexiglass windows and lights lenses will be cleaned. Interior will be vacuumed and dusted. Stripes will be inspected to insure a clean crisp edge.