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Aircraft Interior / Upholstery

Aircraft Interior Process

Our standard aircraft interior program includes the following processes, which we believe offer a superior final product.

Check In and Personal Items
Owners personal items are checked in and stored in a safe place.

Incoming Inspection
We perform an incoming inspection for any unrepairable plastic, missing or defective items and other discrepancies that would affect the final outcome.

Removal of Existing Interior
We remove seats, side panels, headliner, and carpet.

Second Inspection
After interior is removed, aircraft will be inspected for any airworthiness issues or discrepancies that were unknown and might affect the final quality.

Sound Deadening
The old insulation will be removed, vacuumed and cleaned before installing new sound deadening insulation.  Aircraft will be inspected to insure insulation is not interfering with moving parts.

Headliner/Side Panels/Carpet
Installed to insure correct fit.

Upholstery and foam is removed.  Seat frames are inspected and warn parts are replaced.  Frames are cleaned and painted. New foam and leather/cloth are installed.

Final Inspection
Once interior is installed our final inspection is completed to insure correct assembly and quality. Personal items are returned to the aircraft.

Log Entries
Log entry is completed with all burn certification.